Thanks to them. The sky's the limit.

Is there a Local Hero in your community?
Nominate them today, to win $7500 to boost vital health projects in your area.

Do you know someone who selflessly donates their time and energy to help keep the Flying Doctor in the air?

They might raise funds. They may be a volunteer. They might be an emergency services or health worker who goes the extra mile. Or just an everyday hero who helps out whenever the Flying Doctor needs a helping hand.

We need your help to thank them and celebrate what they do. Because without them, we'd be grounded.

Nominate someone in your community who deserves to be recognised in the 2021 Local Hero Awards, and they could win $7500 to help fund a vital community health or wellbeing program in your area. Nominations close 12 April 2021.

With the support of our Local Heroes, the sky’s the limit.

RFDS Local Hero Awards Nominations

Nominee's details

Your details

In 300 words describe why you or your nominee, should be recognised as an RFDS Local Hero. Please address at least one of the criteria listed below.

  1. RFDS Support - A local hero might be a person or group supporting the work of the RFDS through promotion, fundraising or volunteer work.
  2. Good Samaritan - Someone who has assisted a patient before the RFDS has arrived, or helped an RFDS clinician during an emergency.
  3. Community Health Care - A person or group striving for excellence in health care and health activities for regional and remote communities